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Rock the second half of your life by making it fit, fun, transformational and joyful.

When I was a teenager, I witnessed my mother suffer terribly when my older sister left the ‘nest.’ In fact, she went to bed for 6 weeks and suffered terribly from depression.  After witnessing my mother’s experience with “Empty Nest Syndrome,” I decided then that I would not let that happen to me when I became an empty nester.  When that day arrived, decades later, the empty nest hit me hard.  But I remembered the vow I made to myself when I was 15.  I looked in the mirror and decided it was time to make some changes.

I discovered my passion for health, fitness and fashion when I became an empty nester. Not only did I transform physically; my mental transformation was profound.  In reclaiming my life, I found joy, purpose and vitality.  I developed my Fit & Fabulous coaching program in order to help empty nesters (and those getting ready to enter the empty nest) rock the second half of their lives by making it fit, fun, transformational and joyful.



Julie Reby Waas
Fit & Fabulous with Coach Julie--Your Empty Nester Survival Kit!

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